Distributional National Accounts: Thailand


This project re-examines the dynamics of economic inequality in Thailand from 1975. The main motivation lies in the lack of information on the richest citizens in household surveys, which can lead to a significant underestimation of the inequality level and to an inaccurate representation of the historical trend.

To deal with micro- and macro-level data gaps, administrative data (tax data in this case) and national accounts are utilised for a more consistent distributional series.

Capital and labour shares in Thailand, 1960-2019. Data from author based on the National Accounts (NESDC) and Jetin (2012)


Technical Reports


  1. Extreme Inequality, Democratisation and Class Struggles in Thailand
    Thanasak Jenmana, and Amory Gethin


  1. Democratisation and the Emergence of Class Conflict: Income Inequality in Thailand, 2001-2016
    Thanasak Jenmana
    Nov 2018